enemies of reason


Oddly enough, the  number of hits I received on my blog yesterday was even higher than Saturday. At a time when I am feeling low, it is ironic that so many are choosing to at least look briefly at this blog.

I spent a fruitless hour this morning attempting to tape a second reel to reel tape. For some reason my computer was not exactly registering the sound.

I managed to accidentally uninstall all my playback devices (speakers and their configuration) while seeking the cause. When I realized I needed an adapter for my headphones to double check the sound directly in my reel to reel and couldn’t lay my hands quickly on them, I decided to put this project off for at least the morning.¬†

I am planning to spend time at church today, choosing more anthems for the upcoming season and organ music for next Sunday. I have managed to get my 2+ mile walk in the last couple of days. I am discouraged that I have gained weight over the holidays, but at least my blood pressure hasn’t soared.

I also found some body stretches online that helped my tired back yesterday. I think I should put them in my repertoire of physical activity, since today my back is much less tired as is my entire body.

I have been listening to the New Yorker Fiction Podcast. Its sponsor, a web site building consultant of some sorts, keeps annoying me by referring to the result of using them to make websites as creating “beautiful”sites and other inflated descriptions.

Maybe I’m too old for this use of language. For me, beauty is deeper than most things I see on my screen.

What You Need To Know About The Current Militia Standoff In Oregon | ThinkProgress

This is an unfolding event. I thought this explanation was helpful.

Finishing up the book I have been reading on Madison, the author, Michael Signer, points out that by the end of Patrick Henry’s life, his use of demagoguery and inflated destructive language had made him an unforgivable enemy of reason.

It seems to me that many of our citizens act as enemies of reason. Maybe the notion of “framing” is itself one of reason’s enemies.

Top 10 Healthy Stretches for Back Pain (1/10)

These are the stretches I am using. I include a link in case any reader is curious.

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