more fun to schedule pieces than improvise


I have been ransacking the house looking for an adaptor so that I can use my headphones to see if my reel to reel is playing properly. I finally found one this morning. Now it’s on the list of things to do to bring me closer to continue recording tapes laying around.

I passed on the responsibility of reporting our copyright usage to the church secretary/administrator yesterday. I also asked her to make large print copies of the opening and closing hymn for the choir each week, something I have been doing for a while. And also to make a weekly copy of the psalm for the choir to rehearse from. If she manages to do this (and I don’t see why she shouldn’t) this is a bit more off my shoulders and will ¬†allow me to concentrate on other church tasks.

Such as choosing anthems. Which I also did yesterday. I have anthems chosen through February now. I also broke down and scheduled some pretty cool organ music for this Sunday. We are singing the hymn, “Shall We Gather at the River?” and I thought it would be cool to perform Virgil Thomson’s variations on this tune for the prelude. For the postlude I am doing a lovely partita on the closing hymn, “O Love, How Broad, How Deep, How Wise” by Andrew Carter.

Even though it’s doubtful that many listen to the organ music at church, I find that it wasn’t all that satisfying to simply improvise a prelude and postlude like I did last Sunday. Maybe it will be more fun with good organ. But I think I prefer scheduling actual music.

Speaking of schedules, I still haven’t heard from the Hope College Dance Department. I have been thinking about turning them down if they ask me to return. I was amused recently when it occurred to me that I work myself up to a bit of a low grade state of indignation about not being asked more in advance. Maybe they have no plans to ask me…. joke on me again.

Classes begin next Monday and of course I have no idea if they are considering using me or not. Typical stuff.

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