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The music went well yesterday at church. The two organ pieces I prepared and played by Alice Parker took an inordinate amount of changing of stops (sounds) throughout. I have become stubborn and insist on sometimes playing music that has soft sections in it for postludes. People pretty much ignore me anyway. And talk loud, of course. After the postlude yesterday (a charming jig for organ by Parker), my two listeners (Eileen and the Bass who is also a Methodist Minister) seemed appreciative. In fact, the Bass was chuckling which I counted as a sign of success since Parker asks for the performer to play her dances “with Humor.”

Eileen is at Evergreen for “Enhanced Fitness.” This means movement to music.  I awoke at 3 AM last night and didn’t really get back to sleep. I think that contemplating therapy was on my mind. After I finish this blog, I’m going to call Lynn McKnight and ask if my doctor gave her a referral. Thinking about going into therapy can be overwhelming for me. I have such difficulty getting people to understand my point of view. And if the person I am talking to is not familiar with stuff that is important to me (like certain books, music and poetry) I am often bogged down in trying to reorient them. Meanwhile, the eyes of my listener often become veiled or confused. What the fuck am I talking about? their body seems to say to me.

I am determined to give therapy a try. But at the same time, I feel weighed down with my own inability to relate to people around me these days. And I’m not that consciously unhappy. Nor do I plan to adapt to others’ confusion or lack of orientation. This leaves me with a metaphor of being invisible.

I’m also planning to call the tax people. We haven’t heard from them since we dropped off Mom’s and our taxes a while ago.

I think I need this day off.

In Victory for Unions, Law on Dues Is Struck Down in Wisconsin – The New York Times

Reading McChesney has helped me understand more the goals of extreme right wing and the oligarchy currently ruling America. Unions are high on their hit list.

Musings From the Dalai Lama: Mosquitoes Are Ungrateful, for Starters – The New York Times

One of the things I like about the Dalai Lama is how goofy he can be.

The black people ‘erased from history’ – BBC News

This is surprising. I guess there’s sin everywhere even Mexico.

An Heir to a Tribe’s Culture Ensures Its Language Is Not Forgotten – The New York Times

Preserving human culture always interests me. This is in Australia.

China Blocks Economist and Time Websites, Apparently Over Xi Jinping Articles – The New York Times

China is just more overt in their control of the media. Over and over McChesney uses the old Soviet Union as an example of how we are operating now in the USA. Our media is about the wishes of the powerful. That’s not new. But it has also been coopted by a host of circumstances including replacing information with entertainment and unquestioningly passing on the propaganda from our government. You know. Like China.

Eileen and I watched this playlist version of a documentary on an arts program in Madison Wisconsin. It is surprising there is so much creativity and artistic sensibility represented in this documentary. Plus Brian Standing the filmmaker is excellent. Jes sayin.


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