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Following up on petty complaints from yesterday, I had more success with completing the information for the screen protector warranty today. But not after exhausting myself first. Some of this is probably just being old. I called the phone store early this morning and left a message. I asked them to call me back especially if they knew they couldn’t come up with the receipt number I needed

I know you will be shocked but they didn’t return my call. After breakfast with Eileen, I gathered what little wits are left me and prepared to get in the car and drive to the place we bought my phone. Eileen quietly offered to accompany me but I let her off the hook.

There was not much snow on the car but it was very, very cold when I went out to get it going. We have this piece of plastic that was designed to cover the windshield so that if it snows it’s easy to get your windshield clear of snow. I peeled this off. It was stuck to the windshield and there was all kinds of ice on the windshield as well. The car started up quickly (thank god).

I had cleared off much of the ice and snow at the base of the windshield wipers, but apparently that was not enough because they did not move when I turned them on. Oh no. I hope I haven’t broken the windshield wiper motor, I thought to myself.

I came back in the house and left the heat going full blast in the car. I called the phone place again. I was flabbergasted when someone answered. The first thing I said to them was THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING THE PHONE. After I described my problem, the person on the phone told me they would email me the number I needed.


Can it be that easy?

I returned to working with the silly app the company had made me install in order to qualify for their warranty. This was hilariously cumbersome. The app asked for all kind of information including two obscure numbers from my phone. Also it wanted me to take a picture in the mirror with my phone of the screen using their silly app. These things are never as easy as they sound, eh? (Move the phone closer. Move the phone further away. Tilt your phone.) But I managed to get that done and find the silly numbers and put hem in the phone.

The app also asked me to photograph my receipt as well as enter the number on it. I didn’t have that receipt. That was the whole dang problem. But I took a picture of the email the phone store guy sent me. He only sent me the number that I wanted not a picture of the receipt. That probably won’t work if I have a claim but it satisfied the robot in the app.

I finished the process of registering my phone for a warranty on the screen protector. It told me near the end that the warranty would only cover up $300 damage so I guess I need to break my screen when my phone is almost paid for.

Meanwhile the car was still warming up. I went out and tried the windshield wipers. The one on my right budged a slight bit. This encouraged me that I hadn’t broken my windshield wiper motor. But I decided to wait a half hour of blasting the heat in the car to try again.

This ended up working. So my car isn’t broken and my phone screen protector warranty is registered.

The upshot is that this wore me out. Apparently 70 year old Jupe only has enough energy and emotional stamina to do that much in a day. Good grief.

Oh. I forgot that yesterday I was flossing and managed to dislodge a filling. I have an appointment on Wednesday for a cleaning and an assessment of the damage. This is my first dentist appointment since Covid hit the fan.

In other news, I am continuing to read Groves about Fanny Mendelssohn (more properly Fanny Hensel her married name). It turns out she wrote quite a bit of music and there is a lot of it that can be purchased. I looked on IMSLP of course but there wasn’t too much more there than I already have. But I checked online for purchase of new scores and discovered there is a ton of music that I could purchase. Now I have to wait until Eileen gives me the go ahead to spend some money. Then I will probably buy some more Fanny Hensel.

I have been playing what I have. She has a lovely Lieder for piano in B minor that I have been playing way under tempo. Today Eileen mentioned that she thought that even though it was under tempo it was nice. It reminded her of gently bubbling water.

My public!

I do like the piece a great deal. Even (especially?) under tempo.

Opinion | No Republican should be able to evade these simple questions – The Washington Post

I constantly complain that Republicans are not quizzed about their ideas about the election and Jan 6 to my TV. Nice to see my bitching (some of it) in print.

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