fugal fingers

I had a very busy day yesterday. It didn’t help that I got up a bit later than usual. Eileen had made an appointment for some friends to stop buy and pick up all the leftover stuff from Edison: baby food, cat litter, and sundry items. They came by about 10:30. We did the usual zoom meeting with Sarah. After lunch I set out to register my stupid phone with the makers of the screen protector. Apparently they guarantee its efficacy and will refund the cost of the entire phone if the phone shatters.

I’m not sure if I have that guarantee correct but what I do know is that I promised Eileen I would take care of this. First, of course, you have download their damn little app (grrrr!). Then after I entered the 16 digit thingamabob on the little card that came with the phone they wanted the receipt number of the purchase. Of bloody course they do!

This is how I spent my afternoon yesterday: looking and looking for a receipt. I promised Eileen I would contact the place where we purchased both the phone and the screen protector tomorrow in hopes they can tell me the receipt number of our purchase. Hah! At least I put that off for a day so I could have a bit more normal day today.

Fanny Mendelssohn has been on my mind. I requested several books regarding her from the library today. I am planning on eventually purchase one or more of these books but would like to see them in person. Plus I promised Eileen that I would slow down on non-essential purchase until she determines they are okay with her budget. She did allow me to donate money to National Constitution Center. Here’s a link if you’re interested.

The National Constitution Center's Guide to the Impeachment Debate -  National Constitution Center

I loved this quote about Fanny Mendelssohn in the Groves online dictionary: “Upon seeing her first-born daughter, Lea Mendelssohn remarked that Fanny was born with ‘Bach fugal fingers’ as reported by the new father in a letter to his mother-in-law Bella Salomon, … thus immediately placing the infant in a rich context of music, erudition, and strong female leaders in the Itzig-Salomon family.”

I have to admit that Covid news, Supreme Court news, and Democracy news are all getting me down. Sheesh. Thank goodness for music, poetry, and beauty. I’m reminded of a cartoon by the late, great Vaughan Bode.

Ode To Underground Cartoonist Vaughn Bode | by Paco Taylor | Medium

The lizard and one of Bode’s nubile females are falling to what looks like certain death. The lizard proposes that they should make love before they hit the ground. The female points out that he doesn’t have any genitals (although he seems to in the pic above). He replies that maybe they could squeeze this or that while they fall.

Beauty in the face of madness and end times is like squeezing this or that before we crash.

NYTimes: Supreme Court’s Conservative Majority Appears Skeptical of Biden’s Virus Plan

I like what this commenter had to say:

Mark Keller from Portland, Oregon writes on Jan. 8

Sadly, this Supreme Court wants to legislate, rather than apply the law.

The dumbfounding anti-vax comments from Alito and vax-hesitant interjections from others show that the Court’s conservative core eagerly bring personal, anti-science, pro-conservative Christian biases and agendas to their deliberations.

And what of the laws, the constitution and precedent? This not-so-Supreme Court chooses to hunt and peck for a word here and a phrase there to bolster their narrow viewpoints, rather than treat them has coherent, guiding documents and traditions

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