no date day today – too cold

Eileen and I decided not to go out in the cold today and sit by the beach. I wasn’t looking forward to getting the car going again today. It feels like a good day to sit inside and look out on the freezing cold. This is probably not going to last too long, but it is reminiscent of how winters used to be in Michigan. I am very content to sit inside and read which is not all that different at what I do when we go sit by the lake.

One big difference for me today is that I won’t make the usual picnic lunch. I enjoy doing this, but if we’re home we will just do what we usually do and fix our own meal. Since I am a vegetarian and Eileen a carnivore we usually end up making different food for ourselves otherwise we might share more often. We do usually sit together at the kitchen table for breakfast and lunch and then play Boggle afterwards.

Ah retirement!

beloved, I was driving down by Eleanor Stanford | Poetry Magazine

“Bach makes us
hold one note in mind so
we can hear several as though
at once”

British composer dies at 104 – Slipped Disc

Francis Jackson. I quite like many of his compositions. This short notification came across my Facebook feed.
Here’s another link.

Organist and composer Francis Jackson dies at 104 BBC

Who is Francis Jackson? - Classical Music
Francis Jackson 1917-2020

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