Birky day

So today instead of random music, I’m embedding this very cool 1987 interview with 61 year-old Miles Davis.

It’s fun to listen to Miles. I haven’t seen many videos of him talking like this. it’s funny to hear what he has to say about Wynton  Marsalis (“good trumpet player, very precise, straight”). I have boundless admiration for Miles Davis.

Therapy GIFs | Tenor

Today was Birky day. Curtis Burky is my therapist. It usually puts me in a good mood to talk to him. Today was like that.

It’s also five days of having an evening fake gin martini. This is working out pretty well. Like I told Birky today, I don’t have any clear plan on all this. But I am glad that I am able to skip my evening snacks because after a martini, I’m more interested in a light supper than a glass of wine. Of course today is pizza day. I haven’t made any resolution about alcohol use but plan to keep trying to avoid snacks. In order to do this, I will probably drink fake gin in my martini.

I just ordered 3 more bottles. Eileen doesn’t really  go for this. But it seems to work for me.

The Paris Review - Ishmael Reed on 'Juice!' - The Paris Review

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m on a bit of an Ishmael Reed kick. I read some more in the linked article. I like how grumpy he is.

Here are a couple other links to stuff on/by him that I plan to check out.

Konch Magazine

Konch Magazine
It’s not clear to me how to access current issues of this magazine. But there is at least one old issue online from 2018 I plan to check out. Tennessee Reed is Ishmael’s daughter. I plan to check out her stuff as well.

Ishmael Reed, Paris Review – The Art of Poetry No. 100

If I leave this links here, it’s easy for me to access them from my phone when, say, I’m laying in bed.

Muskegon prisoners can soon get four-year degrees from Hope College |

Believe or not, this looks pretty good. I know one of the people who is leading this, David Stubbs. He’s a good guy.

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