back to high school


Getting a little blogging in first thing this morning. I have to leave shortly to drive over to East Kentwood High School for a day of accompanying High School Students at the Solo and Ensemble Festival.

At the lengthy rehearsal last night, I was reminded how refreshing it is for me to work with young musicians. I do enjoy this sort of thing and am looking forward to today.

Elizabeth, Jeremy and Alex are leaving sometime this morning. I will wake them before I leave (as per their request) to say good by. It has been fun having all three of them here.

I messaged my friend, Peter Kurdziel, who often is doing some accompanying at these festivals. He has tried to connect with me before so we could do some catching up. No response yet of course but this is a real possibility.

 I have donated to this group in memory of loved ones. Careful reading of the recent scandal reveals them not to be that weird in the world of non profits.

Pardon Plea by Adolf Eichmann, Nazi War Criminal, Is Made Public – The New York Times

In my head, Eichmann is forever connected to Arendt’s ideas about the banality of evil.


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