a little holland serendipity


I have spent my morning making an apple cake for today, reading Finnegans Wake, making a coffee bean, bagel and lox run, then Greek. People are just stirring now.

I ran into a choir member at the coffee bean store (Simpatico). A member of the local Roman Catholic church’s choir that is. He said they were up to 30 members and were rocking. I believe him. I made encouraging noises.

Then at the place where I buy bagels and lox, I ran into a choir director from another church. He was kind enough to chat me up. He is serving on the  search committee for a new conductor for the Holland Chorale. He told me they were close to an announcement and that he was happy they were going to hire someone local.

It’s funny when someone does this to me. Treats me like it didn’t occur to them that this is something I do for a living: conduct choirs. Though the locals don’t seem to see me as skilled, I know that my choir conducting skills are not bad. I demonstrate this each week with my work at church. But I think so much is about perception not actual skill. I could be wrong, but I think I’m as competent as any local choral conductor (this includes college types). But since I don’t act like the usual academic hot shot and look like a goddam hippie, it’s not occur to my local friends that I’m good at this sort of thing.

But no matter. It was fun to see the serendipity of running into two local choral related people on my morning errand.

My brother and his wife are driving over for lunch today (Hi Mark!). That should be fun. I have a bit of a marathon of rehearsals later after Holland High lets out. In theory I am running through all of the accompaniments (except the one bass clarinetist I have been meeting with) for tomorrow. That should be good



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