another day in paradise

I guess Monday is the day I try to coast a bit and sort of have a day off despite having scheduled stuff to do. So I did my ballet class accompaniment. This is good for me mentally I think. To get up each day and basically improvise simple melodies for an hour or so.

[Here is where Tara Bradford’s copyrighted picture was and is now removed at her request]

My scheduled evening rehearsal of the Beauty and the Beast was canceled.  I had planned to do nothing all day to rest up for it. When it was canceled I started filling my day with tasks.

First I decided on the walk back from school that I should try to get back to working on the harpsichord. So I did the next step in installing new jacks and strings: I tuned the slack strings up to pitch. The next step after that is to shorten all of the jacks to their approximately needed length. That’s my next little harpsichord dealy.

After I tuned the harpsichord up to pitch (no strings broke.. that was a possibility although Eileen and I put them on with great care), I forced myself to sit down and pick hymns. This took a good deal of time and effort, but now I have hymns chosen order valium online from india through Xmas eve.

To help myself relax I decided to mess around with a nice supper to take to Eileen. I found a recipe for Mexican meatballs in the cookbook “I can’t believe it’s not fattening.”  I improvised my own Mexican spices and made Enchilada Sauce from scratch for it. Eileen said it tasted good.

I also whipped up a little Pear Goat Cheese Salad for her. We both had this as an entree at the restaurant the other day. I have pears and apples sitting around from the farmers market. The final salad included sliced pears and apples, goat cheese, toasted almonds, lettuce,  tomatoes. For the dressing I added a bit of honey to a Sun Dried Vinaigrette.

Trundled off to deliver this to Eileen at work. Came home. Treadmilled. Then pourded myself some wine and read in the novels I am reading: Shalimar the Clown by Salmon Rushdie and Uniform Justice by Donna Leon.

Another day in paradise.  Don’t think that I don’t feel lucky and privileged to have such a great life because I know that I am.

My dreams last night included time travel in which I told friends in the past I was from the future and also observing an artist friend of mine making miniature installation pieces that tortured little live teddy bears.

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  1. As you can see by the watermark on the photo of the man playing the piano at Vanves, Paris (above) that’s my copyrighted photo. And you’ve used it without permission or credit. Kindly remove the photo from your website. Thank you.

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