a quiet friday for jupe



I did manage to get my treadmill delivered and into the front porch yesterday. Eileen spent the evening registering for her weaving workshop and then having supper with other registrants. I exercised on my new treadmill. It’s kind of funky but I managed to get it to work. ┬áIt causes the porch to shake quite a bit. I’m going to experiment with moving it around on the porch. There’s just not room for it in the house on the first floor otherwise.

I only managed 35 minutes instead of my usual 45. I guess I’ll have to work up to my old time. After exercising, I showered and had my first martini for a few days. Eileen has already gotten up and left for her workshop this morning.

I messaged Ana Hernandez on Facebooger this morning.


Jodi the curate emailed me that she wanted a recording of “Be Still and Know” to use with the “Growing into worship” kids group at church. Apparently she or someone else has taught them a different setting and she wanted to use the one we use in church by Hernandez. It didn’t take Hernandez long to get back to me and tell me that there isn’t a recording of the piece available yet. I reminded Jodi that all of the music in the hymnals has a “listen” button on Rite Stuff (the church software for our hymnal and prayerbook). I went over to my copy of Rite Stuff and found out (again) that I haven’t been successful in registering on this computer. Otherwise I might try to make Jodi an mp3 of this song. I have no idea how the play button manages to render it but that would be a way to do that.

I really don’t have much to blog about this morning. I managed to overcome some recent difficulties I have been having with my Greek studies this morning. I realized that it has gotten more difficult since I am almost up to where I have previously studied. At least now I am more satisfied that I have a better technique to study than I did (like being more thorough on the Grammar of each lesson).

Eileen and I meeting for supper tonight at a restaurant downtown after her workshop. She suggested this and I am glad.

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