stress, printer, and treadmill


Eileen said to me recently that I never take a day off.

Do practicing musicians do this? Is that what she is referring to? Probably not. However, I think I am making some small progress at winding down my yearly seasonal schedule. I have resolved to pick easier organ music for a while to learn and perform. That should help.


I decided to schedule an improv for the prelude for a week from Sunday and a little David Harris Trio on Olivet for the postlude. That should be an easy morning.

For her part, Eileen is gearing up for a weaving workshop being held at Hope College for the next few days.

She is planning on using our small computer those days, so I’m practicing using the big one this morning for this blog.

I installed our new printer yesterday and it seems to be working fine. We finally went to Best Buy and bought one. We bought an HP Envy 4520.

It has been sitting in the box waiting for me to hook it up.

We also went to a local Estate Sales shop and purchased a treadmill.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t fit into the Subaru. Also, I promised Eileen (and myself) that I wouldn’t try to lug the thing into the house by myself. The shop will deliver for a $35 fee but only to curbside. I left a message on my boss’s cell phone asking her if the church has transportation for something like this. I offered to donate to one of the ministries or pay someone to do this for me. She has not returned my call.

I also messaged an acquaintance locally I saw moving his household stuff using a Community Action House (a local charity) truck. I asked him if this was something they did. So far no response from him, either.

Today I’ll probably contact the church custodian and ask him if he has any ideas. I know he has a truck he sometimes uses but he’s no spring chicken himself. Maybe he and I could lug it on to my porch (where I plan to keep it year round).


“We care not ourselves
when nature being oppressed, commands the mind
to suffer with the body.”

Shakespeare, King Lear, II, iv

I have been reading Lear. Next Timon of Athens.

“With acquaintances, you are forever aware of their slightly unreal image of you, and to keep them content, you edit yourself to fit. ”

John MacDonald, Bright Orange for the Shroud, p. 19

I know. I know. I gave up on this writer. But not before making a note of this quote.

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