another quiet morning



Another quiet morning. Yesterday Eileen spent the day at her workshop at Hope College. I had a quiet day at home. I did go to church and practice a bit. In the afternoon I roasted vegetables on the grill. I met Eileen at the Sushi restaurant for a nice meal together. A good day.


Today, I will go to the Farmers Market this morning.


Roasting vegetables yesterday was an attempt to continue to use what we end up purchasing at the market.


Today I am planning to purchase some trout and spinach, maybe some other stuff.

In the afternoon I have the wedding. This is one planned by a curate. There will be no congregational singing. The music is largely goofy. The bride will walk in to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah instrumentally performed. And Aunt Suzy (literally, this is how she has been referred to) will be singing “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” while the “unity candle” is being lit. In other words, it’s basically a soap opera wedding.

I didn’t coin that phrase. It was used by a person doing a wedding (a Minister of some sort?) that I played for once. He assured me it would be just like a soap opera and I would recognize everything. Nice.

I did manage to flip my treadmill and do fifteen minutes on it yesterday. I put it in the corner of the porch so it doesn’t jiggle the entire porch as much.

It feels like summer is here.

NYT Calls for Stronger Copyright Protection Without Calculating the Costs | FAIR

I’m finding the FAIR reports a good balance to a lot of other reporting. Recommended.

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What are little things like facts when discussing Clinton’s Foreign policy record?

As Kingfishers Catch Fire – Poetry Foundation

This is today’s Writer’s Almanac poem. I like it. It’s a good balance to the idea that today is also Dr. Ruth’s birthday and the anniversary of Tienanmen Square.

King Tut’s Dagger Made of ‘Iron From the Sky,’ Researchers Say – The New York Times

The Egyptians or somebody seem to know the material was from a meteorite: “iron from the sky.” Cool beans.

Julia Child’s Berry Flan Recipe – NYT Cooking

Eileen and I love Flan. This looks excellent.

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