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This past Sunday afternoon, the day of David Bowie’s death, Eileen, I and probably many others serrendiptiously  were viewing videos of his album, Blackstar.

Although the video above seems to have been released in November of last year, the wikipedia article on the album says it was released Jan 8, 2016. That would be two days before his death. Weird.


The analog converter continues to work.


Yesterday I made an mp3 of a radio show which featured my Dad.


The show is called American Profile.


The episode is from Nov 1968. Since there is now a magazine with this title, the radio show didn’t pop up with a few searches. Nevertheless I think this is very cool.



In Nov 1968, I was a senior high school student at Carman High School. Dad writes about this time in his memoir, Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares.

In March, 1968, he attended the Urban Training Center in Chicago. He writes, “This helped me discover a new direction for the inner changes which were happening to myself.”

He describes the beginning of this training as “… trainees taking the ‘PLUNGE.’ Living on the street as did the street people with only $1.50 a day for three days… [As a result of the training] I returned to Flint with some drastic new directions.”

He continues, “The Church [West Court Street Church of God in Flint] began to think I was no longer THE PASTOR they had called in 1963… I came back … wearing A CLERICAL COLLAR.”

In this same month of that year, Dad was awarded the Pastor of the Year Award from the Men of the Churches of God in Michigan.

In October, 1968, West Court Street took a “vote of Confidence” on the continuation of Dad as their pastor. He narrowly won: 54% to 47%.

In November, 1968, Dad notes in his memoirs that Nixon was elected president. This radio program also aired that month. Dad resigned the pastorate at West Court Street the next year and moved to Ohio.

 The “Other Side” Is Not Dumb. — Medium

This is an excellent article from which every user of social media could benefit. It describes stuff I think about especially regarding myself after having used Facebooger for a few years. It was put up by Nick Palmer on Facebooger. Many thanks.

getting past the coalition of the cool | Fredrik deBoer

This blog post from November is linked in the one above. Good stuff.

I plan to keep an eye on this blog. As far as I can tell, to access his different blogs you have to go to the following link and look on the left hand side of the page for recent entries.

Fredrik deBoer | “For the way in which the word is experienced is always momentoous” -Walter J. Ong


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  1. Hi…

    It was fun to hear Dad’s voice so clearly on the recording. Please hang on to the Mp3’s for me and I’ll get copies the next time I’m over. I can only download the files by digging through the html of your webpage to find the direct link. Otherwise, it just shows up as a media player that has no option for downloading that I can see. There’s no rush as I can listen to them online so if you can just keep them all in a local subdirectory, I’ll bring a USB stick and copy them sometime.

    Thanks for taking the time to make these recordings.

    1. You are welcome! I’m sorry you can’t capture the mp3s easily. It’s probably because I’ve taken to simply uploading them via the insert media option. I used to upload them to a url where they are easier to capture. I will try to do that. Plus of course I will make everything available to anyone who is interested. I just emailed everyone a copy of the mp3.

        1. Yikes. Somehow I think I had an old email address or something for you on my Jenkins email list. Anyway, I reemailed it to you and merged all your contact addresses in my Gmail contacts. Sheesh. Sorry about that.

  2. OMG. These recordings are awesome. I’ve heard him tell these stories, but lots more details… Thanks for sharing them! Love you!

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