wednesday morning


If it’s not one thing, it’s another. It looks like one of my channels has failed on my turntable. Good grief! I will have to do something about that at some point. I am continuing to make mp3s from tape. I’m not posting anything at this point because I’m not sure what soprano is singing in the live recital on my tape.

Also I will try to find a way to post mp3s so that readers (Hi Mark) can easily download them when I put them up and talk about them.

I see a slight spike in my hits yesterday. My beloved nephew Ben linked in the post about my Dad on Facebooger. That may have contributed to that.

So in my first week of officially not being a ballet accompanist I had a funeral yesterday that paid $200. This is more than I usually make. But it is exactly what Hope College was paying me for two weeks of accompaniment. Weird.

I am enjoying practicing organ. I am rehearsing a lot of music these days. Some of it I haven’t scheduled but am just learning and will probably schedule eventually. Did I mention I ran across a charming piece by William Mathias.

It doesn’t seem to be on YouTube. I quite like it.

I think I’ll quit here. My friend, Rhonda, is threatening to drop by for tea in a few minutes.

Elizabeth Strout’s ‘My Name Is Lucy Barton’ – The New York Times

New book by an author I like.

‘The Defender,’ by Ethan Michaeli – The New York Times

This review by Brent Staples outlines some history of African American newspapers. He is also on the current New York Times book review podcast which I haven’t listen to yet but probably will.

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