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I was disappointed yesterday when I looked at today’s bulletin and the prelude did not have the title of the piece we will play today (A violin sonata by CPE Bach), nor the name of the violinist.

This morning it occurred to me to double check the email I sent to the secretary at church with this information. I was dismayed to find it sitting in drafts. I had not sent it! Bah.

The good thing is I know that this omission was my own responsibility. It would have reduced some of my stress yesterday to have realized this.

Poking around on my YouTube this morning I ¬†found this lovely thing. When I put Songza on this morning, it played “China Gates” by John Adams (a favorite of mine). Maybe these algorithms aren’t so bad all the time.

I had terrible leg cramps last night. This morning I found Eileen’s yoga foam roller and used it for a bit. This helped.

Not sure why I am suffering from this. But it sure does hurt.

I am looking forward to this morning’s performance of two movements from the CPE Bach violin sonata at church. We will begin communion with the beautiful slow movement.

I like the way these people play the first two movements (the ones we are performing today). Good tempo.

After church I am meeting with a father and daughter to rehearse playing tone chimes on next week’s anthem. Then off to Whitehall for the Hatch Christmas.



6 thoughts on “sunday morning

  1. Not that I am anything close to an expert in exercise but do you stretch before and after your walks? That might help with the muscle cramps. Also are you drinking enough water? Also your magnesium might be low. I take a daily magnesium supplement and drink water all day long. I still get an occasional charley horse but only a few times a year And they don’t seem to be related to exercise as they happen in the evenings or during the night.

  2. Excellent idea about the stretches I will have to find some and do them. Elizabeth uses them as well I think. Did not know about the magnesium. Will have to check it out!

  3. Another thought about the magnesium… I actually started taking it because my urologist said it would help stave off kidney stones. That and drinking a glass of Orange Juice every day… FWIW…

  4. …when I got lots of leg cramps in the past, I read something that said it was down to lack of potassium – so I ate lots of bananas. I don’t get them very often anymore.

    hope it’s feeling better!


    1. Thank you, Sarah and Mark! I think the stretches are helping, but I’m planning on checking out how expensive magnesium is and giving that a try as well.

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