Monday blahs


As often happens after a flurry of activity, I feel drained emotionally. This morning it’s hard for me not to review my actions yesterday and second guess them. Things like wishing I had played the CPE Bach prelude with a bit more control and nuance. Or second guessing all my interactions with Eileen’s fam at the Hatch Xmas celebration. Sigh. I try not to think in the two dimensional terms of introvert/extrovert, but I do see some of the attributes associated with the introvert in myself. Like being drained from contact with humans.

Yesterday went well. Amy played well. The choir did well. I had not put a postlude in the bulletin thinking I would improvise something. This worked out fine. The closing hymn was “Go Tell It On the Mountain,” which I already goof around with as the cong sings. I just did a little fakey jazz thing that people seem to enjoy.

I’m thinking of not putting titles for the prelude and postlude in next week’s bulletin as well. This would free up some time I need to get planning for the next season. With only so much in my “energy pie,” I think my efforts might be better spent on that.


Classes begin at Hope on Jan 11. I still haven’t heard if they want me or not. Eileen and I haven’t been working on the harpsichord, but I’m thinking that should go up in the priority list now that Xmas is over.

Turkish President Erdogan Dissuades Man From Jumping Off Bridge – The New York Times

Hard to imagine a prominent US politician doing something like this, but maybe it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Thriving in Texas Amid Appeals to Reject Syrian Refugees – The New York Times

A well written essay capturing what it’s like to be a Syrian who has moved to the US.

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