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Readership is dwindling if my Google Statistics is correct. Be that as it may, I write anyway, sending words out into the ether of cyberland.

I had a severe leg cramp walking over to have Christmas lunch with Mom. Eileen who was already carrying gifts and a poinsettia from church offered to walk back and get the car. But being a true idiot, I insisted on walking on. We were a bit late for lunch. Mom seemed slightly out of sorts, confiding to us later that lasagna was an odd choice of menu for Christmas day.

She was a bit more alert than usual and suggested that next time i ask if a vegetarian dish was available. This amazed me. I can remember her difficulty remembering my son’s milk allergy. It surprised me that she noticed I was not eating the lasagna.

The cramp was a bit better on the walk back. It’s still bothering me this morning. I can’t figure out where it comes from other than general fatigue.

I have several things I need to get done today, most of it in preparation for tomorrow. I have invited my friend, Amy, to come and play violin on tomorrow’s anthem. Also we will be playing some wonderful music by CPE Bach for the prelude and at the beginning of communion.

This evening we have an invite to eat with my friend Rhonda and her fam.

Despite all this  it feels a bit like a Monday, I’m tired but not as tired as I have been on Thursdays. I do have to start thinking about picking some choral music for the next season. The first rehearsal of the season is a week from next Thursday.

Oddly I spent a lot of time yesterday playing Phillip Glass on the piano. I discovered that one of my collections was partially edited by Nico Muhly, a composer i am interested in. The collection was published in 2006. I have just about played my way through all my Phillip Glass. It seems to be the ticket for post Christmas playing.

It made me think of Mendelssohn (to whom I also turned yesterday to play). I think this music might be more fun to play than listen to. Eileen, however, did not seem to mind.

When Gun Violence Felt Like a Disease, a City in Delaware Turned to the C.D.C. – The New York Times

It’s illegal for the CDC to study this, but they got around it.

December Heat Tricks Flowers Into Putting On Spring Display – The New York Times

I emailed this link to Eileen. She remarked recently that the weather might be confusing the plants. Apparently this is true on the rooftops of NYC.

Review: ‘The Last Noel,’ Anonymous 4’s Farewell – The New York Times

The band is breaking up. Too bad. Great group.

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