no thank you helping of a post


I have been doing a lot more lazing about in between my scheduled commitments. Mostly reading. I am practicing organ less. Upcoming music is not terrible challenging. I continue to replay my way through Schubert piano sonatas.

This morning I managed to sleep in until around 7:30 AM. This must be a recent record. Consequently I seem less verbose this morning and am putting up a “no thank you helping” of a post.

The postlude tomorrow is by Matthew Locke, namesake of my daughter Sarah’s partner in England.

I’m hoping they are related. I chose it because it’s pretty easy and sort of matches the choral anthem by Thomas Thomkins. Both British and lived with a hundred years of each other. Tenuous I know but there you are.


Kevin Ayers, Rocker in Soft Machine, Dies at 68 –

I just checked and I still own three vinyls of Soft Machine. But none of them have this guitar player on them.


Case Ends Against Five Ex-Blackwater Officials –

It’s been awhile since local yokel Erik Prinz has been associated with Blackwater. Hell, it’s not even called that anymore. But still when it surfaces I am reminded of the evil floating just below the surface in places like good old Holland, Michigan.


Syrian Television’s Most Outraged Bystander –

Media manipulation being used by Syria taught to them by Iran. Same dude “spontaneously” appearing and being interviewed in multiple news reports.


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