I love lucy episode

We are all safely gathered to celebrate my niece’s wedding tomorrow. I didn’t realize how close she is living to Ann Arbor. I came  in to town around 6 and unloaded  my stuff (food, piano) and tried to contact my brother and my nephew, neither of whom picked up on their cell.

Daughter Sarah had flown in earlier to Detroit Metro. My brother and nephew had picked her up. I knew she would probably be at my niece’s house so I drove over there.

I figured that the wedding party was in some restaurant somewhere having a rehearsal dinner. I was mildly horrified to find that I was crashing a lawn rehearsal dinner in order to connect with daughter Sarah.

After a few hugs and introductions, Sarah and I politely refused offers to help eat the generous amounts of food and drove back to the hotel. Since Sarah lives in the U.K. it is always a treat to see her.

actual photo of my niece's wedding rehearsal yesterday she uploaded from her mobile

Eileen arrived an hour or so later and the three of us walked to a nearby bar and had drinks and food.

Even later Elizabeth and Jeremy arrived and after briefly settling in their room they joined us in our suite for a nice chat.

This morning I padded my way down to the front desk to get coffee and ask for some shampoo. I was freaked to see someone I vaguely recognize cross the lobby and say hi to me in a friendly way.

I figured out later he was a very very conservative doctor I knew who attending the Catholic church I used to work at in Holland. Small world.

It looks like all systems are go for the wedding today. I have two coolers full of pasta. I should add that this is commercial pasta that I boiled up yesterday.  I’m afraid some of the fam thought I was making home made pasta for 120. Hah.

I had a sit com morning, “I Love Lucy” style, as I discovered that my colander was way too small for my first batch of pasta. Hot thin pasta spilled over and instantly stopped up the kitchen drain. Before I was done I had many bowls of drained cooling pasta sitting all over the room with bits of pasta all over me and most surfaces.

Fortunately, I did manage to get the drain unclogged so that I could continue making pasta. I filled about seven plastic bags with cooked pasta before I decided not to make up all that I had purchased. I brought the extra uncooked pasta with the idea that they could cook it up quickly if they ran out.

Today I plan to mix in the thawed pesto with the cooked pasta and put into several large foil containers. I have brought my many bowls and serving utensils purchased at thrift stores. The idea is to drop it all off to the people in charge. I need nothing to be returned. They can either keep bowls and utensils or drop them back off to a thrift store somewhere.

Right now I’m sipping coffee and using my netbook in the dark while Eileen continues to rest. Thank goodness for wifi.

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