Yesterday basically kicked my ass

My head is still spinning a bit from yesterday. I managed to get my Mom to the doctor and back to her nursing home just in time to make my noon class. I still have follow up to do today contacting her pain doctor (to communicate her internist’s question about what drugs she should be taking) and her psychologist (to inform his office that the internist thought there should be follow up on Mom’s mental state).

After classes I rushed home for a rehearsal with a violist for Saturday’s Solo and Ensemble festival. Then I made supper for Eileen (roasted chicken with bruschetta). Didn’t have time to treadmill and by the end of the day was too tired to do so yesterday.

Yesterday basically kicked my ass.

So onward and upward today. I have a lot of work to do for church since I have to find new anthems and switch my list around and choose prelude and postlude for Sunday. Some of that has to be done today.

I only have the one ballet class so I should easily be able to get some of this stuff done.

Came across an interesting passage on denial in In Search of the Missing Elephant this morning:

When denial and projection “… are the means by which persons see themselves as highly competent unconsciously protect their deeply held image of themselves when faced with the enormous ambiguities, uncertainties and complexities of this world.”

Donald M. Michael, “Forcasting and planning in an incoherent context,” In Search of the Missing Elephant

This passage caused me to reflect how many people I rub shoulders with on a daily basis seem unconscious of their own behavior. Struggling to define one’s self to one’s self is for me a very basic part of living. It is, of course, impossible to see one’s self clearly, but reflecting on one’s own motives, understandings and thought processes seems to be rare activity in many of the people I have to deal with. Maybe they just don’t share this stuff with me. Who knows?


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