wrestling with the dang computer

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Eileen and I have spent most of the day messing with her computer. She was struggling with it last night when I went to bed. It’s moving very sloooooow. I got up this morning and worked on it a bit. Last night it took Eileen 45 minutes to get it to boot up. I had the same thing this morning. It kept doing updates. But slowly. Very slowly.

I finally got AVG antivirus installed on it. I discovered that my paid subscription extends to 9 more devises besides my computer. I quickly added Eileen. Or I should say I slowly added Eileen. Then I ran it. This took several tries but finally did get it to run but was surprised when it didn’t find any malware. When I went to bed last night Eileen was convinced she had malware. But no.

Then we proceeded to take off applications and programs. I think that’s what Eileen is still working on right now. It’s an old computer but it has been so slow for several days so that it’s basically unusable. I of course keep urging Eileen to replace it. But now it’s a bit of a challenge.

Despite the computer snafu I did get some reading in this morning. I wisely did some reading before tackling the computer. Eileen didn’t get to bed until late. So she slept in a bit. We skipped the lovely daughter in England Saturday connection. We are dragging today but I think we are determined to beat Eileen’s little laptop (and/or replace the dang thing).

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