working on jacks and plectra, listening to my music across devices





I used some of my morning blogging time working on my harpsichord. I now have about half of the jacks quilled. This means I carefully look at the little plectra things.


First I try to determine the top from the bottom of these things. Not that easy.


Then I take a jack. The above pic  is of the remaining jacks to be quilled.


Put the plectra in the jack and then hold it upside down on this block of wood and slice off the end at an angle. Then I drop it in the slot and make sure it just brushes the string.

I have been listening to Mendelssohn piano trios this morning while working. I miss playing harpsichord, especially the French Baroque and English/Dutch Renaissance music. Bach feels as nice on piano as harpsichord.

I have found a new app for listening to music across my devices.

It’s only free for the first 250 tracks. I mostly was looking for an easy way to listen to specific music on my tablet. Songza is nice but I like calling up particular pieces and it doesn’t work so good for that. Spotify charges more to be tablet friendly.

Yesterday I tried to use My Music Cloud with my tablet and it kept loading and loading even after a restart. I gave up. Checked it this morning and the music that I had uploaded was there. Yay!

I have no plans to  upgrade this app. It seems to me 250 tracks is plenty. Much of the music I listen to is made up of long tracks. Hah! And I can always swap stuff out so that I can use my table (and even phone) to listen to music sometimes.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu: Which Offers the Best Deal? — The Motley Fool

It looks like Netflix is probably the best for us. That’s what we use.

Scientists Link Moon’s Tilt and Earth’s Gold – The New York Times

I love shit like this.

25 Outstanding Podcasts for Readers

I now have an app that works for me on my table for podcasts.

Somebody must have decided that blue is the color for apps, eh?

A Slippery Number: How Many Books Can Fit in the New York Public Library? – The New York Times

I find it amazing that this great library has still digitalized its entire catalog.

BBC Radio 4 – Bookclub – Downloads

This looks like a good podcast. I got it from the list linked above.


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