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I was wrong about there being a wedding at church yesterday. It’s not until next Saturday. I went over in the morning anyway, since Eileen got up late and hurried off to her alto breakfast.  When I got back about 11:30 Eileen wasn’t back yet. Actually she had come back and then took off to get a cat prescription from the vet. But I didn’t know that. I thought maybe she had a long breakfast with the other women. I walked over to Evergreen and did my treadmilling.

Eileen texted me while I was on the treadmill. She said we could have lunch together in an hour which is what we did. For some reason I slipped into a bad mood. I am working on keeping my bad moods to myself these days and managed to do so. By the end of  the day I wasn’t ready to skip my martini, which was unfortunate because my weight had been up that morning.

But this morning I am feeling lucky again since I had my drink(s) last night and I still had low BP and even lost a pound. Lucky me.

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Before visiting my Mom I went to the library and picked up a book by Emily Wilson and one by Nicolas Slonimsky.

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I read the following linked article while treadmilling and was fascinated by it and Wilson.

NYTimes: The First Woman to Translate the ‘Odyssey’ Into English

I am on the wait list of her new translation at the library. Here’s a link to the first of it that was published in the Paris Review.  I’m very interested in Wilson’s work.

I love the discussion of the translation of the Greek word, polytropus by Wyatt Mason (the author of the NYT article) . I told Eileen yesterday that something I have in common with the writer Alan Moore is that we are both “word drunk.” I love words and live in a time of consumption and image not ideas. I know that this makes me eccentric but remember I’m feeling lucky. I am happy to be eccentrically word drunk.

I have been reading a few pages of Othello each day out loud. I read poetry out loud if I am able to. Shakespeare’s words are wonderful. I also enjoy my daily dose of Tyhimba Jess, Amiri Baraka and Derek Walcott.

Life is good.

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