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I made it through my first Monday schedule. This involves 6 and half hours even though I only have 3 and half hours of actual class. The holes in the schedule are doable but it ends up taking as much energy to wait as to do a class.

AGO tasks are bunching up. I have committed myself to doing the program and posters for the upcoming Installation service. I need to get some of this done today.

Also, today I need to get anthems ready for upcoming choir Sundays. This means making up multiple copies of two legally photocopied anthems.

When I add on the task of preparing info for the Sept 14 bulletin I can see this day won’t necessarily be one of relaxation. But there’s a good chance I can a lot of it done before noon.

It’s funny the different attitudes ballet students have toward the piano player. After my 8:30 class one of the better dancers came over and thanked me for my playing. This is old school etiquette but she pulled it off with sincerity and friendliness.

Later I had a novice dancer ask, “So they hire you guys to play music for the dance eh? That must be cool to just sit around and play music.”

Yawning is something that is forbidden by old school etiquette. Once in awhile an instructor will mention this but usually they just ignore breaches of the old etiquette. There was some yawning yesterday.

I have scheduled pretty easy organ music for this Sunday so I don’t feel pressed to spend a lot of time on it. I am however spending time on the accompaniments I will be playing at Rhonda’s birthday bash: Bach Violin Sonata, Brahms Cello Sonata and a Mozart Violin Sonata. Good stuff, but it won’t learn itself.

I tried to download the Washington Post to my kindle and my phone unsuccessfully this morning. I think my $19 subscription is just for web access and nothing else. That seems fair, but it would have been helpful to have that more spelled out so I didn’t download their dang special e-reader and then have to uninstall it.

In his chapter, “Amateurs!”, in How Music Works,┬áDavid Byrne subscribes to the weird idea that somehow popular music is some sort of renegade rebellion instead of the dominating force it is. He seems to think that people listen to “high art” out of a sense of superiority and elitism. He is weird about it and inconsistent. I guess that makes sense. But it’s annoying to me since many of my passions (music, literature, Ancient Greek) are invisible or at least of no concern to so many people I rub shoulders with. Whippy Skippy.

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  1. I looked at the Washington Post subscription offer. It was $29 for mobile device access. I decided that, while it’s an excellent price, I don’t usually manage to read much of the NYT already and didn’t want to add something else.

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