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Barack Obama Was Too Cool for the Press Room | The Nation

Erick Alterman is  a hero of mine. I have read one or two of his political books. I think he’s on to something here when he points out how the media sought out emotional responses when policy discussion would have been more helpful to the nation at large.

Truth is evaporating before our eyes | Francine Prose | Opinion | The Guardian

 White nationalists? Alt-right? If you see a Nazi, say Nazi | Lindy West | Opinion | The Guardian

 Sometimes I’ll read an online article and it will link in other articles that interest me even if they are not exactly current. That’s what happened with these three. Eileen has given me permission to donate in support of the Guardian. I do read it a lot.

Review/Organ – Leonard Raver In Recital – NYTimes.com

I purchased a copy of David Diamond’s “Organ Symphony” recently. It was commissioned by Raver. Here’s a review of its first performance. I brought it home to study yesterday after playing a bit in it. Can’t find a recording on YouTube.

 I have been thinking a lot about how Americans will be able to communicate to each other in the next four years. This is bookmarked to read.

How Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert blazed a trail for Trump – Columbia Journalism Review

This article makes some good points. Is Trump a dictator or an opportunist? It asks. ” No repressive regime, whether the product of a coup or a slow strangulation of liberties, was spawned by businessmen.” That’s something to ponder.


What Those Who Studied Nazis Can Teach Us About The Strange Reaction To Donald Trump | The Huffington Post


“The word Gleichschaltung is often translated from the German as “coordination” and refers to the process of ― politically speaking ― getting in line. It often appears in books about the Nazi era.”

 Books for the Trump Years – BillMoyers.com

I love lists of what people recommend to read. Also some cool stuff in the comments. I will be checking out some of the authors I don’t recongize.

Species Oddity: New Species Discovery | WWF

I like this report because it has so many pictures of the new species.

How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail – Scientific American

Micheal Shermer, the author writes: ” If corrective facts only make matters worse, what can we do to convince people of the error of their beliefs? From my experience,

1. keep emotions out of the exchange,

2. discuss, don’t attack (no ad hominem and no ad Hitlerum),

3. listen carefully and try to articulate the other position accurately,

4. show respect,

5. acknowledge that you understand why someone might hold that opinion, and

6. try to show how changing facts does not necessarily mean changing worldviews.

These strategies may not always work to change people’s minds, but now that the nation has just been put through a political fact-check wringer, they may help reduce unnecessary divisiveness.”

The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation. – The New York Times

I keep waiting for this to be discussed more in public. One of the commenters points out the omission of mentioning the Universal Basic Income. This is being tried in places in a few places in the world and relates to Nichol’s and  McChesney’s book, People Get Ready! The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy. 

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