weird – 2 days off in a row coming up


I now have today and tomorrow off. Excellent. I have very few plans for these days besides spending time with Eileen and Elizabeth, practicing, exercising and getting my Mom to her shrink appointment tomorrow.

Considering my lack of prep I was very pleased with the way I played Dandrieu’s Offertory on O Filii et Filia.

It is an elegant set of variations. The more I played it, the more I admired it. I love the way the French composers combine simple beautiful gestures with underlying clear compositional coherence that rarely presents itself on the surface.

Groves says that after Rameau and Couperin, Dandrieu was “the most celebrated harpsichord composer of the 18th century.” Surely the author of the article means in France. What about Bach and Handel?

But as I always say, do I have to choose? Can’t I play them all with delight?

Well, enough blogging on my day off. I have some serious goofing off to do.

1. The Media Has a Woman Problem –

Telling quote in this article: “the closer you get to money and power, the more the writers look like the people they are covering.”

2.A Master’s in Chick Lit –

This tells the story of a successfully published writer returning to school to get a Masters degree in writing.

3. Snapping Good Photos With Your Phone –

Bookmarked this to check out the phone apps the writer mentions.


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