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I slept better last night. My temp was normal last night before Eileen went to bed. I have been staying on the main floor of our home in the bedroom there that Eileen and I have prepared for our old age. Eileen cleaned the coffee french press and the carafe for me yesterday and asked me not to do the dishes this morning when I awoke. So I was able to rise and make coffee and do Greek this morning.

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The muscles in my stomach are sore from coughing, but I am feeling better. I may give myself one more day to recuperate before venturing out. High on my priorities are restoring access to a tablet, since my tablet is no longer usable as it spontaneously reboots upon any use.

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I did manage a bit of Bach, Jelly Roll Morton, and Scott Joplin on the piano yesterday, but tired quickly.


I am on the fourth line of Homer’s Odyssey. Using online resources, I am able to break down each word grammatically  and also identify it’s meaning.  Most of the material I look at, uses the Iliad before the Odyssey. but since I am currently reading and admiring Emily Watson’s translation of the Odyssey, it’s there that I have chosen to begin.

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Problematically I ran into an idiom this morning  [7δ’ [8 γ’6] [9ἐν7] .  You can see that it consists of several short words with abbreviations. In the text there is a line over these words that indicate it is an idiom, but there is no corresponding defining link that I can find other than to tell me how many times Homer uses this idiom. These may be a difficulty unless I can find some resource that systematically identifies them. So far none of my resources online or the many Greek textbooks I own have a systematic way of treating idioms. Using translations, I can make fairly accurate guesses about their meaning, but that doesn’t seem like enough for me at this point.

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