still a bit ill


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I’m better but far from 100 percent up to my usual speed. I am thinking of staying in all day today as well to let myself recuperate as much as possible.

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I heard from Christopher Brodersun this morning via the phone. My harpsichord is done! Yay! Now, all I have to do is get over there and pick it up. That will probably be next week. If the dang thing works at all, it will easily be worth the $900 fee he is charging me.

Thank You Note

I submitted the music for this Sunday along with the note below. I put it here for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Thank You A big thank you to everyone who helped with the music in last week’s Sunday Eucharist! A special thank you to you, the congregation, for doing your part in singing without instrumental accompaniment as well as a huge thank you the Chamber Choir and Laurie Van Ark. Church organists don’t often get to call in sick, but I had to last week. It is a privilege to be the music director for a community which takes participating in the liturgy so seriously and enters in with such conviction. By all reports, this ownership came to the fore when I was unable to be present. I find this oddly satisfying. I see the singing of the congregation maybe a bit differently than many of my organist colleagues. I treat the congregation like a soloist in its own right. As the gathered body of Christ there is a unique role of the assembly that can only be done by the assembly. Sometimes I lead solidly at the organ or piano supporting and encouraging vigorous singing, but at other times, I deliberately follow the singing of the group or even drop out entirely. Much Christian singing has been done without accompaniment over the centuries. American slaves singing sorrow songs in their quarters or in the fields weren’t exactly accompanied moments. And there are other examples including protesters locking arms and singing “We Shall Overcome.” These moments in our shared worship are both rewarding to all musically and spiritually. So, Thanks! And keep up the good work! sincerely, Steve Jenkins, Music Director.


January 2018 | Poetry Magazine | Poetry Foundation

My brother gave me a subscription to Poetry Magazine for Christmas. I am nearing the ending of reading straight through the January issue. At the end of the mag, there is a tribute to a poet I have never heard of: W. S. Graham.

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if he had lived, this would have been his 100th birthday year. He was Scottish, knew Dylan Thomas, and spent much of his life living in West Corwall (without much income). I read over the essay about him in the mag and the first poem as well. I found it engaging enough to begin reading what the Poetry magazine has of his online. I think that anyone can browse through the Poetry Foundation archive.

How Bell Pottinger, P.R. Firm for Despots and Rogues, Met Its End in South Africa – The New York Times

 This is a complicate story which interested me primarily due to the use of different media to affect a situation. Frightening, really.

Stonehenge tunnel could destroy ‘unique library’ of early history | Science | The Guardian

Bookmarked to read. I love reading about places I have been able to visit.

Gowns, Wurst and Protesters: It’s Ball Season in Vienna – The New York Times

I didn’t know about this. I wonder what music they use. It sounds like quite a variety.

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