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Whew. Yesterday took a lot out of me. Eileen and I went to the Farmers Market in the morning.


Since it wasn’t clear to me if Eileen wanted to go with ┬áme I waited until she got up to find out.┬áDuring this time I exercised. Exercising (treadmilling) in the morning might be a good thing. On full Wednesday like yesterday I can get it out of the way and not have to skip it later because I am exhausted and trying to preserve my energy.


We bought asparagus, cherry tomatoes, basil and locally roasted coffee beans. We also had some fresh baklava and I had an amazing shortbread cherry cookie. Eileen got cold so we left.

I spent a couple of hours meeting with clergy.

Most of this was with my boss. It was the first heart to heart we had in months. I do enjoy working for this woman. I like the fact that she wants to hear my insights into our situation at church.

But being an introvert, after a long period of this kind of back and forth I am drained physically and emotionally.

Eileen and I also shoved furniture around yesterday. We moved the big loom in front of the window seat where the harpsichord was. As we were moving the harpsichord I told Eileen that it was the “corpse” of the harpsichord (since it hasn’t worked for years now).

Then there was our final choir rehearsal of the year.


Suffice it to say that this takes tons of energy and by the end of the rehearsal I was whipped (as my Dad used to say).

I’m still very tired this morning. So here are some links.

The Bitter Backdrop to 2016 – NYTimes.com

Recently David Brooks ascribed our malaise as a country to a lack of character (thereby plugging his stupid new book which Eileen purchased and is reading). I think Frank Bruni is close when he says we are suffering from a “mood of overarching uncertainty and profound anxiety.”

Conviction Rates Count More in Chinese Justice Than Innocence – NYTimes.com

It’s difficult to conceive of a societal judicial system like the one in China. They have an acquittal rate of 00.007 %. Recent concerns about police beating confessions out of people has led the police to get a bit “better at inflicting pain without causing serious injuries.” Nice.

For Verizon and AOL, Mobile Is a Magic Word – NYTimes.com

According to this article we (presumably the USA, eh?) spend half our waking time in front of a screen. Also, the market is madly going mobile.

Luke Bauerlein | B O D Y

A couple of “happy” poems for today.

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