tired jupe


Dr. Barb Vincensi, an alto in my choir, is having some rather serious surgery today. Eileen just left to go be with her for that. Last night’s choir rehearsal was very encouraging to me. We got through all of the new anthems plus we read Quia vidisti me,Thoma by Hassler. This is an anthem that we have been regularly singing on Easter II, but it’s a bit difficult. I am trying to hit the ground running this season and continue building the choir’s skill. It was very satisfying to go through this anthem successfully twice on the first rehearsal of the new season. I think it shows how well the choir is coming together this year.

My energy levels were good yesterday. But today I’m predictably tired. I had trio practice this morning.


It’s now a couple hours later. I have just spent an hour with Scarlatti on the piano. I think he is an amazing composer. Eileen is still not back yet and martini time approaches. I’m still tired but now I feel inspired by Scarlatti. What cool music!

Here’s a recording of the one I liked the best today. I like the way this guy plays it.


This player does some interesting things with it.

It does sound nice on the piano, though:

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