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It’s about 5:30 on the afternoon of my first  post-Christmas choir rehearsal. With Eileen’s help, I’m feeling prepared for this evening. She went with me both today and yesterday and filed and put new pieces in the choir slots.

I have anthems picked out for this month. I think it’s a good group of pieces. They are all new to this choir. But I’m hoping I won’t have to adjust and substitute easier stuff.

This weekend will be Healey Willan weekend. We are doing this anthem (with organ not with piano as at the link). I have scheduled Willan’s Prelude and Fugue in G Minor for the prelude and his  majestic piece, Aeterna Christi munera, for the postlude. 

The following Sunday I have scheduled a lovely little piece by David Herman based on the traditional Lutheran chorale about Jesus’s baptism, When Jesus went to Jordan’s Stream (Christ unser herr zum jordan kam). My violinist has already consented to come and play the C instrument part. 

I have been doing the usual afternoon resting before this evening’s rehearsal. Right now I’m feeling pretty perky. My piano student didn’t show and I resisted staying during that time to practice organ more. I had the energy but didn’t want to use it up.

We’re having some snow here. Eileen was driving and she managed to do some surprising sliding around. The snow is falling lightly but the streets can be slick. My Grand Haven choir member has already chosen the better part of valor and stayed home.

I met with Rev Jen today. She is still recovering from 2018. It’s been a tough year for her, mostly the stupid Hope College evil follows her at work and also at home with Beth and friends trying to cope.

We had a nice chat about bringing the Grace Notes Series to a close. She is concerned that the instrument will not be used in recitals. I told her that wouldn’t happen and that relies on whoever has my job. Without the series to tend to, I will have more energy to scheduled recitals and am seriously considering scheduling June 9 as a recital a bit like the very first Grace Notes recital with a sort of Greatest Hits. That will be the end of our year long 150th as well.

A Holiday Mystery: Why Did John Roberts Intervene in the Mueller Probe?

Some interesting insight into Roberts.

Father Time, by David Sedaris | The New Yorker

My daughter, Sarah, is fond of Sedaris. I emailed her a link to this. There is an audio on the page and I suspect it’s Sedaris reading it.

Mitt Romney Faces Counterattacks From Trump Allies – The New York Times

This stuff is breaking today. I read Romney’s article in the Post this morning. I dearly hope that 2019 is a worse year for Trump and a bit better year for the USA.


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