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The Barefoot Jazz Quartet was a trio last night. The drummer didn’t show. Not sure what was going on. The rest of the band and the manager have a common history at Zeeland High School. I can’t always understand the under currents between them.

The gig went well however. Eileen brought along her bubbles and amused the crowd with that.

Eileen and her bubbles at the Hatch Fam reunion this year.
Eileen and her bubbles at the Hatch Fam reunion this year.

I was very happy with my playing which doesn’t happen all the time.

I had good time with my piano trio at our weekly rehearsal as well yesterday.

First we played through my transcription of Bach’s Art of Fugue Counterpunctus 9. Here’s a cool version for recorders I found on YouTube this morning.

Very clever over cropping and editing on this video. It’s all the same guy playing.

We also played through the first movement of Haydn’s piano trio in E minor. In this video, the piano sounds funky because it’s a replica of an early version of the piano usually referred to as a Fortepiano to distinguish from the Pianoforte.

We finished off with the slow movement from Mendelssohn’s piano trio in D minor.

Here’s an amazing historic video of it being played by Heifetz, Rubenstein & Piatigorsky (I don’t know the last guy but the first two are very famous).

Of course they do a splendid job on this movement.

In between the gig and the piano trio I drove out to my student’s house on Lake Michigan and gave him a piano lesson.

In the morning I spoke with my former organ teacher, Craig Cramer, again on the phone. He found an organ at the organ clearing house web site that would provide my church with all of the pipes it would need to finish off the instrument.

This is also a Moller and is sitting in Cincinnati waiting for someone to buy it. They are asking 15K for it.

This would reduce the cost of the organ project my church is contemplating considerably.  We would have to hire a builder to integrate the used organ into ours. This would be a big project, but not as big as having the builder make all of the new pipes.

Not sure what the going estimate for a rank (set) of pipes is, but it used to be about 10K. This used organ has 9 ranks. To have a builder make that many would cost at least 100K. So the savings is tremendous.

Anyway, it’s just an idea at this point.


This is the general web site of the organ clearing house.


Clavier-Übung III

Interesting essays on Bach’s work I mentioned yesterday.


Tom the Dancing Bug speaks out about Corporations (from Boing Boing).


Classical Music – Streaming Classical Music Naxos Music

This is an amazing collection of online recordings from Naxos and its subsidiary record labels. Unfortunately it is only available to subscribers (Annual subscription $19.95). I get access by being a staff person at Hope (Nope) College. Lucky me.


I don’t have many links because I didn’t get a chance to surf or even treadmill  yesterday. Busy day. More tomorrow no doubt.

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