failing at making mozzarella


I attempted to make mozzarella yesterday. I failed. I did learn however that pasteurized Meijer’s whole milk will curdle successfully.


But I think I needed to tread the curdled milk more gingerly. It should really not look like it does above.  More like it does in these pics.

Oh well. I did manage to make pesto from the leaves you see in the first pic. I also grilled potatoes grilled egg plant slices. Eileen grilled her own hamburgers. So we did have a good meal.

But the kitchen was a mess. Just finished scraping off a layer.

I will probably attempt another batch of mozzarella at some point. I still have lots of rennet and citric acid (key ingredients).


Is the SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes? | Rolling Stone Politics

S.E.C. Illegally Destroyed Documents, Whistle-Blower Alleges –

File Disposal Still an Issue for S.E.C. –

I got back to reading the news yesterday after missing a day. I like to follow certain stories. Bookmarking them allows me to see how reporting evolves, usually from less accurate to more accurate. Occasionally  it’s also helpful to have a memory of more than one news cycle because news reports become less accurate or omit details earlier revealed.


New York Fringe Festival Report: ‘Yeast Nation’ –

From the makers of “Urinetown.” Looks like fun.


‘Jim Henson’s Fantastic World’ at Museum of the Moving Image –

I vividly remember when Henson died. This report on a new museum show fills in some facts about this creative man for me.


All My Old Haunts –

Jennifer Finley Boylan has been a guest columnist at the NYT. This article intrigued me so much I thought about checking out her books.

I especially liked this description of her father’s point of view.

“Only when you try to argue your opponents’ point of view,” he’d have said, “does your own begin to make sense.”

According to the article, when parties were contentious and people were arguing, her father would ring a bell and ask people to continue arguing from the opposite point of view. I do like stuff like that.


Court Says Publishers’ Settlement Was Unfair to Writers –

Continuing struggles about intellectual property fascinate me. I really believe we are in the midst of a shift about all of this stuff. The more it shifts toward access to information, the better from my point of view.


Humble Image of U.S. Envoy Gary Locke Charms China –

Viral picture of U.S. Envoy actually purchasing his own Starbucks carrying his kid shocks Chinese who are more used to state officials receiving very special treatment.


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