this is getting old


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Eileen had a doctor’s appointment today. She and the doctor (who is also my doctor) discussed my hives.  Dr. Fuentes told Eileen that my hives couldn’t be from a drug reaction if they were persisting the way they are. She also said she couldn’t prescribe more prednisone. Dam. She gave Eileen the name of a Grand Rapids dermatologist she recommends. She thought I could get in sooner to see this doctor instead of waiting until my October appointment with a Holland dermatologist.

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Googling reveals that hives lasting longer than six weeks are usually impossible to diagnose. Nice.

I am discouraged. My itching continues. I have already had one shower today. I have a bottle of aloe gel sitting next to my chair. I use it liberally. I have talked to Fuentes office as she instructed Eileen I should do.  They are contacting the GR dermatologist who will call me. Bah.

This is getting old.

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I met with my violinist today for some playing. That was fun. I’m still working on organizing my books and I enjoy doing that.

Eileen is off meeting with a contractor she is thinking seriously of hiring to do our doors. Tomorrow she goes to Whitehall to help care for her Mom.

I can’t find the sheet music the author of the Stewardship musical wants for this year. The tune is “This Moment in Time” as recorded by Englebert Humperdinck in 1979. This is a pain. But I have began transcribing the stupid thing.

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