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Eileen and i are going out to eat in a few minutes. Yesterday we watched “Get out” and “Loving Vincent.” I was disappointed in the latter. The moving picture approach to Van Gogh’s style was very cool, but the plot was lame. I kept hoping that since the plot occurs after Van Gogh’s death, they were¬† going to make a point about¬† how he saw stuff and that his vision actually lingered on after his death and that’s why they did all that cool animation of his paintings and style. Nope. Too bad. “Get out” was a gas.

Eileen helped me today and we now have all of the choir folders stuffed with music for Sundays all the way to Advent. She is such a help with this stuff.

I had a good meeting with Jen.

My stupid hives are still itchy. I just took a shower to help with it. I guess I will report to my doctor on Friday that we haven’t licked this entirely yet.


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