this is cool


Yale offers old free online courses complete with syllabi and transcriptions of the lectures. I stumbled across this listening to a lecture about Dante on YouTube this morning. I’m not quite certain how their resources work. You have to download a zip file with all the stuff in html format which is not as convenient as it could be. But I’m planning on working through the Dante course and the Don Quixote course. I have already ordered some books from the syllabus of the Dante course (the translation the teacher recommends for the Divine Comedy, Via Nuova and Virgil’s Aeneid. Very cool.

And I just discovered this:

Yale offers several free online courses. My daughter, Elizabeth, just remarked that she has signed up one of these before. I guess you can submit work and get a grade. I guess you have to pay if you want credit. What a deal.

I am planning on working on the Dante and Quixote stuff. The teachers of these older courses have put up at least some of their lectures on YouTube. Somehow one should be able to access all of the lecture videos through the Yale download stuff but I haven’t figured that out yet.


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