Things are looking up


While Eileen was at her “Alto Breakfast,” I finished choosing hymns for August. This means I have July and August hymns ready. Even though I am playing the last two Sundays of the month, it helps to have this planned ahead.

Then I contacted Holden Alee who is a former “organ scholar” who served at St. Mark’s GR. He was recommended to me by Gregory Crowell as  a possible substitute organist. The only way I could contact him was through his business Facebook page. But he responded immediately and said he could do it. Woo hoo! This means I have six Sundays off in a row.  Surely I can turn back into a human being after that.

I walked over to church and madly started sorting out music. I need to file a bunch of music from this past season. Eileen has volunteered to help with this after lunch. So it looks like most of the loose ends at work should be tied up very soon.

Eileen has decided to hire a company to clean our ducts before we get a forced air furnace/AC. Otherwise the people installing the furnace/AC told us to be prepared for an awful lot of dust at first from our gravity heating system ducts.

Well, time for lunch. Things are definitely looking up!

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