last sunday before vacation


Eileen's front yard garden is especially beautiful right now.
Eileen’s front yard garden is especially beautiful right now.

It has been quite a while since I’ve had some time off from my church work. I think in the last year I missed one Sunday due to illness but neglected to take time off except for flying out to California for our annual visit. I could be wrong about that, but it does feel like it’s been too long since I’ve had time for actual regeneration via some leisure.


This is not as bad as it sounds. It was about a year ago that our Pasi organ was completed. It has been a pleasure to use this instrument in rehearsal and performance.

Taking time off requires much prep and attention to detail. It’s hard for me to conceive of six Sundays off in a row. I will still be responsible for the program for the July recital and the poster for the August one during this time. This is easy stuff. Rev Jen will host the July recital. The August recital is on the 26th after I’m back at work.


I notice that the readership is falling for my blog, at least according to Google Analytics which I don’t pay too much attention too. There is a widget on my dashboard that gives me the daily number of hits.

At this point I’m hoping to leave town tomorrow and hole up in a motel with Eileen for a couple of nights before proceeding to visit my brother in Chelsea.


Yesterday morning I noticed that studying Haydn via Haimo’s analysis gratified me in the way a good poem does. I mean to see if I can find an email for him (Haimo) and tell him how much I am enjoying his book. I bet he would be surprised that someone like me (an organ dude in his eyes, no doubt) would be reading his book thirty years after taking his course.

I need to go over today’s psalm before walking over for the Eucharist. It’s one the congregation knows (I think), but it will require clear, strong leadership. The postlude is a Buxtehude piece I have been working on. It will be a good way to end my last Sunday before vacation.


I’m planning to take my synthesizer and guitar with me on vacation. Once I get to Mark’s house I will have access to a very fine piano. But at the motel I am thinking of playing harpsichord music on the synth.

I wore myself out yesterday. After lunch Eileen went with me to work and filed choral music. She completely straightened up the choir room. I put the hymns up on the hymn board. I’m not exactly sure how that will work in my absence. I can post next Sunday’s hymns after service today. I also need to put the paper work in to pay next Sunday’s sub.

I finished straightening the choir area around the organ. I will need to contact my trio, my piano student, and my shrink to let them all know I will be gone next week.

I can hardly believe I’m going to get some time away.

I like this picture of my grand daughter Alex with a friend.
I like this picture of my grand daughter Alex with a friend.

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