the ongoing orgasm of the information lifestyle

Beautiful day in michigan yesterday.

Eileen and I walked down to the local pub and ate outside.

I succumbed and had some alcohol. A pre-dinner martini and a Guinness with my meal. I also abandoned my vegetarian principles and indulged in fish tacos and fries. It was all excellent.

The wind was blowing through the beautiful white blossomed trees in downtown Holland.

White tree by Fellowship of the Rich.

I was happy that my blood pressure seems to have reversed it’s trend of creeping higher.  Monitoring blood pressure and body weight daily is tricky. My systolic reading (the higher of the two numbers) has been a bit on the high side for four days with a high of 144 on Monday. This morning it was 127. That’s a bit more like it. I hope it stays like that.

Another excellent moment yesterday was the piano trio rehearsal. What a delight to spend time working on beautiful music with two very fine musicians. On top of that we sound good.

We were kicking around some possible public venues this summer. So nice to work with excited competent relaxed people. I am learning a ton working closely with strings.

I was curious how closely our edition of the Mozart piano trio (KV 548) resembled the original so I toddled off the library and checked it out. I seem to make the young college music students occupying the Hope music library a bit nervous.  Who is this old fat guy puttering about and asking to use the computer and photocopying machine?

4530.jpg Mr. Natural image by glibartfan

Mostly they ignored me and talked loudly to each other.  Typical college banter.

I was both pleased and displeased to examine the critical edition of the movement we are working on.

Pleased that our Peters edition seems to be in line with the better edition. Displeased to see slurs over the bar that I suspected were editorial.

But that’s why one checks these things. I photocopied the movement for further discussion with my colleagues.

Life is very good.

I am listening to the Mendelssohn D minor piano trio on my MP3 player as I write. This is the other piece we are working on. This is a superb piece of music and it is so much fun to play and rehearse.


My brother who is visiting asked me to put his daughter’s tax stuff in an envelope and mail it so that he could leave for the conference he is attending in GR.  I happily did so. I observed that I mailed my Mom’s taxes, our tax envelopes, and my brother’s daughter’s tax envelopes. Hilarious.

Received two books by Sam Lipsyte in the mail yesterday. I decided I need to own this guy’s work. He captures a conversational sensibility that appeals to me.

I’ll end with some samples.

This one hit me last night as I was reading before bedtime.

I was a droplet in the steady rain of crap.

This is spoken by the main character referred to but not actually named Steve in The Subject Steve. He is an advertising copy writer who has been diagnosed with a mysterious deadly disease of which he is the unique sufferer…. no one else has ever contracted it much less died of it before. He manages to get trapped in a brutal self help center run by a criminal violent perverted zen master named Heinrich.

The above quoted observation follows this paragraph.

The copy I confected for a living was never more than a line or two, designed to capture the allure of the new, to shimmer with efficient leisure and sumptuous toil, the ongoing orgasm of the information lifestyle: “Software with a Soft Touch,” I wrote, or “Reality for Those Who Dream,” or, simple, “How Did You Like Tomorrow?”

I like this guy’s prose quite a bit.  Would like to own my own copy to mark up and laugh over and reread.

I can’t close without commenting on Obama’s announced rule change about allowing people access to each other in hospitals. His personal order (he didn’t have to do it this way) frees up gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered people to have access to their loved ones in hospitals.

One more bureaucratic idiocy bites the dust. Thank you, President Obama. It’s been a long time coming.

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  1. I sometimes think that heaven may actually be here and this is merely a transition point to something else. Your pictures would make anybody think that that is true. Lovely images and pleasant discourse.

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