the fam leaves and jupe gets perplexed by chant once again



Before our company left yesterday, we all sat around sampled different varieties of apples that Emily brought.


Of course the tasting was not limited to apples. We all grazed all day on the leftovers.


But then they were off.


Here’s hoping all had as good a time as I did.


My guess is they did.


I had some music I ordered arrive yesterday.

The composer, Naji Hakim, is a Lebanese born French composer. He studied with Langlais and is the author of the duet I am performing a week from tomorrow with my friend Rhonda E.

I like the duet and thought it would be interesting to see some more of his music. So I eagerly sat down at the organ yesterday to preview this piece. “Esquisses Grégoriennes” is nothing like “Rhapsody” for two players. It was written for a Roman Catholic organist in Boston and is based on Gregorian Chants.

When I play pieces on chants (or even chorales for that matter) I like to see the original material the composer uses. I got up this morning and began looking at the chant in the first movement, “Nos Autem.”

The words are from a chant in the Liber Usalis and also in the Antiphonale Monasticum.


It is the introit for both Maundy Thursday and The Feast of the Holy Cross. Since the organist to whom the suite is dedicated works at Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, I thought this was part of the connection. However, the melody in the organ piece was not the one above.


After a little more digging, I found the melody that is used in the first diazepam 10mg buy cheap four measures of Nakim’s movement.


It was in my Antiphonale Monasticum. However it only explains the first four measures. In the fifth, Nakim embarks on what looks like a psalm tone, but I can’t place it.

Just for giggles I transcribed the melody into my workbook.


The words mean “But it behooves us to glory in the cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ: in Whom is our salvation, life, and resurrection; by whom we are saved and delivered. — (Ps. 66. 2). May God have mercy on us, and bless us: may He cause the light of His countenance to shine upon us; and may He have mercy on us.”

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“A Princeton University psychology professor, Susan Fiske, has found that when research subjects hooked up to neuro-imaging machines look at photos of the poor and homeless, their brains often react as if they are seeing things, not people.”

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