post turkey day at jupe’s


Thanksgiving was a busy day. I got up very early and put the turkey in the oven. Too early. It was done by 10 AM. Fortunately, it was still warm and moist by the time we had our meal.  We went and got my Mom very close to serving time. So we had nine people for -Thanksgiving dinner (a late lunch actually). My sister-in-law, Leigh, made a delicious yam/cranberry casserole. She and my brother also brought food: cranberry sauce, Mama Stamberg’s cranberry sauce.

cranberries w

My niece, Emily, brought food and drink as well.

Pumpkin Maple Custard baked in an heirloom pumpkin,

Chorizo-stuffed Dates with smoked blue cheese,

and Crème Brûléed Pork Belly. I tasted the meat based stuff and everything was great. We had a huge feast with the usual stuff: turkey, stuffing, mashed  potatoes, rolls.

It was kind of fun trying to do some gluten free options to include my niece who is gluten-free these days.

She sent gluten-free stuffing which I used. I didn’t factor in the idea that gluten-free fake bread products are dryer than their gluten counterparts. This turned out not to be a problem.

My Mom didn’t last too long but I think that she had a good time being with everyone. I apologize to extended family that I was too busy to take pictures. Leigh took one family picture  (of everyone but her!).

This morning when we were all sitting around the living room using our devices (phones, ipads, computers, and such) Tony (Ben’s significant other) remarked that this is what morning looks like in 2013 (people sitting around quietly tapping on electronic devices).


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