the end of renovation is getting closer



The plumber joined our other workman yesterday and spent the day installing plumbing.


Though we are getting close to being done with our bathroom renovation, I find that having people in my house working all day is getting on my nerves. Yesterday I spent most of the day at church, working and practicing.

I chatted on the phone, my old friend and former teacher, Craig Cramer.

He seems to be doing pretty well.

After a lot of organ practice and my piano trio rehearsal, I came home and sat in the backyard and read until the men left for the day.

Before date night, Eileen wanted to come home and see how much progress had been made during the day.

I’ll probably spend today a lot like yesterday (0ff-site), since the workmen have already begun to arrive.

I’m having trouble getting pictures to upload from my computer to the blog. Usually they fail several times before loading properly. This discourages me from putting them up. I have more pics than you probably want to see anyway. (“Here’s before and after pics of  my toilet installation.”)

1.New Habits Transform Software –

This article reminded me of McLuhan’s notion that when a technology emerges, it is often inaccurately seen as (and even named for) the old technology (“horse-less carriage).

2. Women as a Force for Change –

Global look at gender issues. Not just PC stuff but vital.

3.Republicans – Blinded by Self-Righteousness –

I am thinking a lot about the hate that divides us and drives the sickness in our society. I keep thinking of what my friend from Romania told me years ago: “Don’t you know? All governments are jerks.”

4. Condemned to Die Because He’s Black –

And this is part of the sickness, the evil, that has taken hold in our society. Michelle Alexander in her book The New Jim Crow, makes a convincing argument that one can draw a line from today’s mass incarceration (and subsequent loss of civil rights even after release) to the coded rhetoric of the 80s (“law and order” and “war on drugs” being essentially a politically acceptable way to keep stoking racial hatred and win elections) to Jim Crow to slavery. She does it well and with copious footnotes and scholarship.

5.Why young people still care about classical music – Telegraph

Bookmarked to read. I’m skeptical but would love encouragement.

6. The Consolations of a Schubert Sonata Surplus –

After workmen left yesterday, I played through most of the Bb sonata this critic has heard multiple performers play. It is a good one.

7. NY Sex Criminals Lose Pataki Psych Transfer Case –

Surprise, surprise. Criminals who have completed their sentence don’t get benefit of the constitution. More of the same.

8. Revealing a Health Care Secret: The Price –

Time and time again I read where if the price for medical procedures was available, it would have the effect of lowering over all health care costs. Transparency!

9. Hillsdale president gets heat for calling minorities ‘dark ones’ | Detroit Free Press |

A little hate in Michigan. Coverage started with this article. Read it online, yesterday, on USA Today.

10. Chevre and Mushroom Stuffed Chicken | Taste for Adventure – Unusual, Unique & Downright Awesome Recipes

According to Eileen, this is a good recipe. I made it for her the other night.

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