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The new bathroom is finished and functional. I took my first shower in it last night. Eileen assembled a neat little cabinet she bought online.



I couldn’t believe she had the energy to do that last night after working all day.


Above is the “before” picture taken yesterday morning.


This is what it looks like this morning (“after”).

The workmen also moved the refrigerator and stove across the kitchen to the new wall. I would put pics up of that, but it’s so chaotic as to be depressing, so maybe after I get it cleaned up and organized.

Cleaning and organizing is now the big job. We have been living and working around not having access to the areas that were being worked on. This meant lots and lots of temporary stashing of stuff. Now to figure out how to best organize everything. A big job.

I finished reading Elizabeth Strout’s Abide with Me yesterday.  It has one of those redemptive endings which unfortunately left me weeping sitting in the library’s silent reading room. Ah well. I also cry at stupid movie endings. At any rate, the book starts out telling the story of Tyler Caskey, a young minister living alone with a troubled young daughter. We overhear his interior monologue as he seeks to serve in his first church in a small New England town.  Eventually the reader learns his wife has died recently. The book essentially tells the story of  how he moves to grieving this loss.

I liked this quote enough to jot it in my reading notes on this book:

“Anyone who has ever grieved knows that grieving carries with it a tremendous wear and tear to the body itself, never mind the soul. Loss is an assault; a certain exhaustion, as strong as the pull of the moon on the tides, needs to be allowed for eventually.” p. 283

This book is a little religious for me. But as a guilty pleasure, I found it ultimately a rewarding read. Not as good as Olive Kitteridge by the same author.

I also finished McLuhan’s Understanding Media this morning. I am planning to review all my notes on this book and make an extensive list of quotes and my own observations. Ultimately I think this book is very dated meditations of a literate man who has some insights most of which fall short of any deep understanding but certainly were more clearheaded about his topic than anyone else I know of that was writing at that time.

I may put up more later as I continue to thinking about this book.


I received an email from the  Hope college library that they now have available a Hope version of the Summons search engine.

I instantly searched for Christopher Small and found some interesting articles written since his death.  I spent the morning yesterday hiding from the workmen at church again, this time reading articles online about Small.

I love the interwebs.


4 thoughts on “bathroom and books

    1. Thank you. I admit to feeling silly putting up pictures of my bathroom, but it is a great relief to have this working. We haven’t tried the washer and dryer yet. Chris the worker returned this morning to mess with some details. Eileen and I think he might be getting pressured by Chuck the contractor. We will see Chuck at the Hatch Family reunion today. He seemed to want to have our renovation done by them so we weren’t complaining to the fam. Heh.

  1. The job looks good. I was impressed by the fact that they put a lip around the bottoms of the rooms so that if there is leaking or water it wont effect the walls. I didnt see a drain though and hope they floated the floor at a slight angle. Im glad it seems well done. It makes life a little easier when things are working and in good repair…at least for me anyways. =^)

  2. There is no drain and I’m not sure they floated the floor at an angle, but we are very happy to have gotten this far in the renovation, for sure!

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