the beauty of Mozart and the hopefulness of jupe who continues to think his composing his worthwhile

My piano trio rehearsal yesterday was particularly rewarding musically. We rehearsed Mozart’s Bb Piano Trio, K. 502. It is a pleasure to have two fine musicians to play this music with.

This of course is not us. It’s the first movement I found on YouTube. We rehearsed it more slowly, but it was lots of fun. This is the movement we have been concentrating on. The entire trio strikes me as mature Mozart.

Page turns for the pianist are a problem. I have this movement in photocopies in order to help me with page turns. I notice in the above video the pianist has a page turner.

After that we read the next two movements.

This recording is about how slowly we read it through the first time. The second time we went a bit faster.

For what it’s worth, here’s the last movement. We played this much slower as we sight read it.

Today is the day I polish up my “Little Recessional Dance” and send it off to the Greater Kansas City American Guild of Organist, entering it in their Organ Composition Contest. The deadline is next Tuesday.


My friend Rhonda has comment that it’s not exactly a “little” Recessional Dance. But I think the title conveys the playfulness I feel about it.

I removed my name, changed "rhythmic" to "rhythmically" and added a third manual option for the submission version.

Rereading the application, I was encouraged by the “Definition of the Music Desired,” especially this phrase:

The goal is original new music of strong audience appeal and performer interest, playable by most organists, to become part of the standard repertoire.

This made me feel slightly less foolish for submitting a work that I think might be looked at as a bit goofy by conservative/more artistic type organ composers.

I am, of course, proud of my piece. I will put up an MP3 of Rhonda playing it as soon as I get the patience to upload an entire church service and cut and paste the postlude recording from it.

I need to stop blathering and get to work on preparing my manuscript for sending off today.


Barlaam and Josaphat – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a hilarious legend I ran across reading MacCulloch’s Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years.

MacCulloch dryly points out not only was the legend stolen from the Sanskrit original life of Buddha by a 9th century monk, “the two heroes became saints, with their own feast days, hymns and anthems. Small bony fragments of St. Josaphat acquired in the East by Venetian merchants can be seen in a church an Antwerp.”

Difficult to find bones of a saint that was an adaptation of a Buddhist story. Heh. I love this shit.


In Sweden, Taking File Sharing to Heart. And to Church. –

The Church of File sharing. You cannot make some shit up.

link to their web site

The Mission Rande Kopimistsamfundet


Details of Presidential Debates Are Released –

Mark your calendars.


Oops! A Typo Mars a Bill on Regulation –

Lovely.  The proposers of a bill didn’t notice that their language was actually the opposite of what they meant.


Safe From Fire, but Not Guns –

People who feel strongly about gun regulation (pro or con) sometimes close their eyes to the practical. This article seems pretty level headed to me when it suggests some measures that would possibly be acceptable to both sides of the argument.


City Acquires Final Segment of High Line From CSX –

I love the High Line.


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