thank you, nick palmer


My colleague, Nick Palmer, has a neat solution for my Ligeti question.



He suggested that I play the second note in the soprano melody as a dotted eighth.  He points out that is where it falls in the measure as well.


That seems like a logical conclusion to me.

Thank you, Nick!

It helps to get another person’s eyes on something like this. Now that I look at it I can see the obvious mistake was probably that a flag was left off of the D making it a dotted quarter instead of a dotted eighth.


1. Ariel Artists » Rhonda Sider Edgington Interviews Organist Rhonda Sider Edgington

 Not sure if I have put this link up here before, but this is a good read by a colleague on organs and organ playing. Recommended.

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Governing and legislating is so complex. This letter points out how the new immigration bill contains a  “poison pill” that can easily render it ineffective.

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Some scary stuff about attempting to up testosterone levels. Yikes.

4. Delusions of Failure –

This article demonstrates to me the difficulty of verifying different claims that are made in polemics.  When you add on top of this that so many people seem lazy about using their brains and their internet to ferret out accurate information,  it bodes ill for responsible citizenship.

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