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Yesterday my time at the organ bogged down as my tech refused to do what I wanted it to. No doubt it is user malfunction. However, I was unhappy to spend so much of my alloted time to practice yelling at my computer because it was refusing to tape me.  I wanted to make a recording so my brother could sort of tell what “Mental Floss” sounded like on the Pasi. I can tell from watching the video above that I am thinking more about the recording process than the music. This is one of the problems I have being so isolated at this point. I sometimes describe it as my skill set, a skill set that I intentionally limit to doing the music itself not other things like recording and publicity.

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Mark rightly pointed out in a comment to yesterday’s blog that I had embedded the wrong recording. Sigh. I now do not have the patience to mess with that. Let the above stupid video stand for now.

Before recording this I attempted to record Sunday’s prelude (Buxtehude’s chorale prelude on “A Mighty Fortress”). This totally refused to work. I kept getting error messages when I went to see how well it recorded. Good grief.

Anyway I’m blogging early just to get this out of the way today.Here are some links.

 U.S. Clears Bill Browder to Enter, Rebuking Russia – The New York Times

I have been following this story.

Chasing the Spirit of a Fractured Spain Through García Lorca – The New York Times

Poets in the news. I love Lorca.

Tillerson in Kabul? Two Photos Lead to Many Questions – The New York Times

Clumsy photoshopping.

A litany of damage done by one who should know.

The Misguided Student Crusade Against ‘Fascism’ – The New York Times

I agree with this college president.

Your Guide to the Met Opera’s ‘Exterminating Angel’ – The New York Times

I have to check out this dude’s compositions.

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