bootleg jupe




If I’ve done this right, you should be able to click on the above recording and listen to a bootleg quality version of me playing my composition, Mental Floss, at the Dedication Recital.

In order to embed this I had to download and install Audacity which is a music file editing program I have used in the past. I still have in mind making a better recording of this piece soon.

Oddly enough listening to this bad recording reminded me of some goofs I made that I had forgotten making. Still I’m very satisfied with my performance that evening.  However, it’s funny what one remembers from a performance and what one forgets.


2 thoughts on “bootleg jupe

  1. The recording you put up on the site is the Finale version. I compared it with the bootleg you emailed me yesterday and am certain of it. I’m unfamiliar with the format of the file you sent me (not an MP3). But VLC player plays it just fine.

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