“Beauty and the Beast” is finally done. Now to see if I get paid. The band director, Greg Maynard, was very clear that if I have not received a check by next Saturday I should let him know. The choral/theater department also owes me money for the extra accompanying I did for them. Sigh. I hate wondering whether I will get paid or not after all that work.

I’m not too exhausted this morning after two shows yesterday. It was very encouraging to see my Mom come out and see the matinée with Eileen. Apparently when Eileen inquired they gave them easy access seats on the front row due to Mom’s age and walker. Very cool.

I spent the interim time between shows at Panera. During this time I had contact with Sarah in England and Eileen in Holland via facebook and David in California via a brief online chat. I do love the internet.

Now all I have to do is survive today. I have a pre-game rehearsal, a service, a post-game rehearsal, a funeral and then I’m done.

My Mom received her first land contract payment from the buyers in mail yesterday. Excellent. It looks like the property in Fenton has at the very least turned from a drain on my Mom’s assets to a source of income.

Now I am going to get serious about figuring out how spread sheet formulas work and set up some docs to keep track of this and some other running totals like my own extra income. I looked briefly at formulas this morning and they don’t look too hard. Eileen can help me with this.

Tomorrow I plan to do some grocery shopping for Turkey Day. It is also my Mom’s birthday and I have invited her to come with me to take Eileen her supper at work and celebrate that way. She will be 84.

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