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I’ve been thinking about  the Bach organ trios. Yesterday for about an hour and half I rehearsed all movements of the first two. They sound wonderful on the new organ. It inspires me to use them as preludes and postludes. I have learned most of them in the past and even performed them in church recitals.

I am having the experience of the new organ breathing life into much of my previous repertoire. Thus, next Sunday’s postlude will be C H. Parry’s choral prelude on Rockingham (When I survey the wondrous cross). I have performed this piece several times in the past few years. It’s stuffy and Anglican and part of the tradition I am currently serving. But I have to say it is very beautiful on the new organ.

When I performed the Widor toccata a few weeks back, I had a parishioner say that he remembered what it sounded like on the old organ. Listening to what people say about music is one of my favorite activities.

pentecost suite for marimba and organ by jupe



We had supper with Rhonda and Mark Edgington on Friday. Rhonda brought me a recording of the piece I wrote for her (Breath Dance). I was ill and was unable to attend the performance. But it’s on a CD waiting for me to mess with in. I’ll probably put it up here once I get on my computer.

Later she emailed a link to a recording of my Marimba piece. That’s what’s above. I’m listening to it as I write. It surprises me to hear things I have written and enjoy them. Similar to the pleasant surprise I had playing through the Bach trios yesterday. I forget that I’m not a bad composer or player.

This morning Eileen and I will continue to knock of Mom transition tasks. We are going to go over to Maplewood and give one last look before we bring in Two Men and a Truck.

This evening I have Worship Commission.

Some startling omissions: Sylvia Plath, Diane Arbus…. and many others

Wilco’s Nels Cline Debuts Jazz Band on Upcoming Record – Rolling Stone

From indie to jazz… who knew?

NYTimes: 25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going

I love these articles…. haven’t checked out the music yet

Restorative justice – Wikipedia

We had lunch Friday with Judy and Thom Gouwens. Judy mentioned this concept and I didn’t know quite what it was. She was saying that she is teaching teachers about it now but that she actually was doing something very similar when she was Sarah’s first grade teacher. Nice lunch. Good people.

NYTimes: The Playlist: Sade’s Haunting Lullaby, and 11 More New Songs

I’m behind on check this music out. I do like Sade.

NYTimes: How to Cut Down on Unwanted Junk Mail

Inspires me to do something about junk mail… also Sports Illustrated thinks I subscribed to them and issues keep appearing in my mail

NYTimes: Turning the Rubble of China’s Mass Evictions into Protest Art

Lately I’ve noticed that all the terrible shit in the world is inspiring artists, poets, musicians, and such to make art. Cool.

NYTimes: How Do You Teach People to Love Difficult Music?

These people’s answer by emphasizing story over structural listening.

NYTimes: Frida Kahlo Is a Barbie Doll Now. (Signature Unibrow Not Included.)

Good grief!

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